Sunday, July 5, 2009

Business Friendliness

The Maryland Business for Responsive Government, a fiscal watchdog organization which focuses in on business friendly measures, recently released their 2009 legislative rankings. Those who represent the 6th District in the House of Delegates did not receive good rankings. In 2009, 6th District Delegates Olszewski and Weir voted with the MBRG 20% of the time and Delegate Minnick, who generally has a more conservative streak, voted with the MBRG only 50% of the time.

During an economic downturn is the worst time to impose additional requirements on businesses. We deserve a more business friendly Maryland and with our current representation, we will not get such an environment. We deserve representation who will strive to make our state more friendly to businesses. This will only boost the economy of our state.

We need to free Maryland businesses so that they are able to grow and create wealth in our state. Maryland residents may not be ready to deregulate our economy just yet - but we must not restrict them further. If I were a member of the House of Delegates, I would vote against any further restrictions or penalties on businesses. I would push to keep our regulations the same.

Thoughts are always welcome.

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