Thursday, July 30, 2009

Suggestions for Budget Cuts

Governor Martin O'Malley is looking suggestions through the state website for budgetary cuts. You can provide your suggestions here. As our budget in the State of Maryland requires quite a bit of cutting - I have offered some suggestions to the Governor.
Dear Governor O'Malley,

I propose the following suggestions -
Cut State Legislator income by $5,000 per year
Cut your own income by $20,000 per year
Cut $70 million from the teacher's pension fund
Freeze "Assistance Payments" and "Home Energy Programs" to fiscal year 2009 levels (Cut approximately $100 million)

This is a start, but should not be the end of spending cuts. I suggest the State hires an independent auditor to review every single State department's budget line by line. Thank you and good luck.

Matthew Newman
I have a feeling that he won't listen.


Anonymous said...

Always a tough issue to make cuts, but could fill in the other side of your suggestions for your readers without all the details?

- What are the current State Legislator and Governor salaries?

- What is the current size of the teacher pension fund? How many teachers are dependent upon it (& projected #)? How do you incentivize qualified individuals to become teachers with a cut pension fund considering the poor state of education in America and Maryland?

- What is meant by "Assistance Payments?"

- Do you have a proposed, in-budget, suggestion then for encouraging homeowners to green their homes and lives as alternative to the "Home Energy Programs" that you say are cuttable?


Anonymous said...

*could you fill*